Where Young Professionals meet, connect and socialize.



Where young professionals meet, connect and socialize.



Where young professionals meet, connect and socialize.



Where Young Professionals meet, connect and socialize.


Yuppie is an exclusive young professionals group focused on Millennials.

Our age range is true to our roots, as we seek to better connect young adults born between 1981 and 1996 (23 to 38 years old). Membership is required to attend most of our events, unless you are brought by a current Yuppie.
The organization was created to fill the void in today’s networking and socializing space amongst young people. No business cards, no sales, no out of touch Baby Boomers. Just real connections with other young professionals in a 21st Century world.
Millennials: It’s time to raise the bar. This isn’t your baby boomer’s networking group. This is Yuppie. Where exclusivity meets connectivity for young professionals.
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Where Socializing and Networking Intersect.

Benefits of YUPPIE

We all know networking can benefit our careers, however the social and career benefits of YUPPIE's young professionals network extends beyond that of simply getting help when looking for a job. The relationships you forge and invest in with other young professionals can help with every aspect of your career development as well as other aspects of your life.

The Opportunity to Help Others

Whether or not your motive is purely altruistic, helping other young professionals with their career goals can be truly rewarding. Helping others triggers a release of oxytocin (also called the 'cuddle hormone', which has the effect of boosting your mood and counteracts the effects of cortisol (the dreaded stress hormone). But even without the secretion of happiness hormones, making introductions and helping others connect can in turn eventually play a pivotal role in your own professional success.

Exchange New Ideas

Continued education can help you stay up to date in your industry but there is also a treasure chest of knowledge amongst other professionals in your industry. You want to stay on top of trends and developments in your industry and sometimes the best ideas originate when two professionals from different industry's get together. These ideas can help you impress your boss or perhaps even lead to your own venture.

Increase Your Visibility

One of the advantages of being the person who "knows everyone", is that "everyone" gets to know you too. When people start asking you to make introductions or provide insights on clients, associates, and even competitors, your visibility is more likely to get you noticed by others, including the people that can help you in your career path.

Find New Opportunities

Precisely because networking makes you more visible, it also creates new opportunities. Whether it's a job recruiter, future business partner, or investor, you never know when an opportunity that can advance your career will present itself. Being social and growing your network with other YUPPIE young professionals is good way to increase the likelihood and frequency of that happening.

Share Opinions / Get Advice

YUPPIE's young professional network is a great way to share opinions, exchange information, discuss industry-related matters, ask for advice, and get constructive feedback. You may need advice and tips on how to conduct yourself or what to expect during a job interview, or tips on how a potential new client likes to operate and strategies on how to approach them and many other questions about your industry. The people in your network can be a valuable resource to you, and you to them.

Get Promoted

Shared ideas and new information can help you with your work, increase your visibility, and create new opportunities. It's likely your boss will also notice this and appreciate you more as well. If not then it may be time to leverage some of those career opportunities.

Improve Your Self-Esteem and Health

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about networking benefits but here are some things to consider:

Social activities keep us sharp and mentally engaged.

Connecting with others can put you in a positive mood, which can help to ward off depression.

Socially active people tend to be more physically active too. Plus, you tend to make better food choices when you eat with others.

Research shows that people who have more fulfilling relationships in their lives tend to sleep better than those who don’t.

Live a happier life by keeping your social circle strong.

The business environment can be cut-throat, however being part of a professional and social network like YUPPIE where you can share your opinions and ideas and help others can boost your self-esteem, help you overcome shyness, or give you a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Have Fun

Remember, that you can’t just build the relationships; you need to maintain them by consistently and regularly following up with your connections, whether it's chit-chat at an event, or mojitos and beer at the weekly happy hour. Networking DOES NOT have to be an awkward, sweaty palmed introduction or overly formal. YUPPIE is about mixing business with pleasure, having fun and cultivating authentic and meaningful relationships around social activities for young professionals. Whether you're logging in to chat with other young professionals on our social network, or meeting up at our next local event it can be a fun, rewarding, and something you enjoy.